OUR STORY—January 2011—Present

The concept of Status Diary was formed in January 2011 when we realized that we spend so much time on Facebook We post so many personal and impersonal thoughts, what we are going through and whatever is happening in our lives – yet we never go back and review it, We realised that Facebook was like a 21st century diary that we are constantly interacting with so we began to brainstorm ways that we could create a way we could gather our status updates and look back on our lives hence www.statusdiary.com was born!

OUR GOAL— 2011/2012

we believe in constantly pushing the envelope in terms of implementing innovative ideas and our goal will be that everyone will have a status diary and for status diary to be the must have item of 2012

OUR TEAM : The Brains behind Status Diary

Status Diary is the brain child of Mitah Media a team of young entrepreneurs who aim to create innovative and life changing applications and websites who are looking to constantly push the
envelope one idea at a time.

OUR FUTURE— 2012 and onwards

We will aim new products and services next year to the status diary application and will continue to work and implement ideas and services that will make life a bit more