With the boom in popularity Facebook has seen in the past several years, Facebook has become a modern public diary. People post their feelings, events in their lives, funny quotes and a myriad of other snippets on their Facebook pages as they go about their daily lives. Because of this, Facebook is like a time capsule for many users. Everything from a status update about getting cut in line at the... coffee shop to engagement announcements are frozen in time on Facebook, as long as you do not delete them.

Status Diary understands that your status updates can be a fount of memories for you, but that it is time consuming to access them all on Facebook. With our Facebook application, you will not have to click through years of status updates to get to the nostalgic ones. Status Diary collects and saves all of your status updates for later use in printing a "Status Diary." Let your memories live again with one of our Status Diaries.

Our Facebook application does not store your status updates for no reason. We save these updates so you can have a professionally printed book of your updates in full colour cover book. The Status Diary is a way that you can let your memories live again without the hassle of clicking through countless updates. It lets you share funny, emotional and long-forgotten updates with your friends and family. It only collects your updates, so friends do not have to worry about their responses being in print. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about your responses on other people's profiles being in print.

For just £16.99/$25 USD or €18 (INCLUDING SHIPPINIG & DELIVERY), we will send you a professionally printed book full of your status updates. This novelty item can simply be a funny way to relive your thoughts and activities from the past year or it can serve as a Facebook yearbook. Have all the friends you mention in it sign it for you or start a "This Day in Facebook History" trend with the entries from your book. As a conversation piece or a way to bring people together inside and outside of the cyber world, Status Diary is virtually unique. DON´T HESITATE JOIN IN THE FUN ORDER YOURS TODAY

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